Torque Indicators

Autotronics manufactures two types of Torque Indicators; the TI-701, reading in ounce-inches and the TI-702, reading in gram-centimeters. The TI-701 line consists of six standard models and the TI-702 consists of three. Special ranges and dial faces are available on request. The design features of both the TI-701 and TI-702 are explained on these two pages to give you the best usage of the instrument. Many applications are made possible by the attachment of a chuck or various adaptors. The Torque Indicator is shock resistant, non-magnetic, permanently calibrated and has built-in protection against overload. A Certificate of Conformance is included with each indicator.


  • Positive permanent calibration
  • Full scale readings with approximately 1° of rotation of indicator
  • 50% over travel with accuracy
  • Positive limiting stop to prevent damage to indicator
  • Easy to read dial face, satin finish aluminum
  • Hand size: 1-7/8 in. diameter x 2-3/8 in. length
  • Weight 7.2 oz.
  • Reset-Preset dial
  • Bi-directional readings
  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Equipped with 3 split bushings
  • Adaptors interchangeable in all indicators
  • Choice of 2% or 5% maximum unilateral deviation (accuracy)

Adaptors & Applications

A few of the applications of the TI-701 and TI-702 Torque Indicators are:

  • To measure drive torque required for servo systems, gear trains, rotating components, rotating switches, etc.
  • To determine torque characteristics of motor stall torque, system breakaway torque, torsion systems and starting torque.
  • To accurately test clutch torque, brake torque, rotary solenoids, friction drives and similar rotating functions.
  • May accurately be used as a screwdriver torquing device or spring tension adjustment tool.

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